Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My favourite brocante of the year

'Couvert' was not what I wanted to see yesterday morning on the weather forecast, not on the day of MY favourite brocante of the year!
Still, off I set, geared up for any weather conditions ( apart from snow), knowing deep down that not even the heaviest of downpours could dampen my spirits and stop me unearthing some hidden treasure. The hour long drive through lashing rain and the lowest, thickest cloud I have seen for a long time finally ended with a sparkling blue, sunny sky!! My determination had paid off. The brocante at the Citadel at Hiers-Brouage signals the end of the searching season - there are a couple more to go but none are as beautiful as this place, steeped in history with a myriad of pretty cobbled streets that are punctuated with blue shuttered shops selling hand made, local produce
It is also one of the most difficult places to reach, set far out on the rugged coastine of the Bay of Biscay near Marennes, home tothe world famous oyster beds.
I did manage to scoop up some lovely things which I will reveal over the next few days on chateauchicdirect and I was suprised that I resisted the temptation to buy this little laughing gnome. Obviously not just an English obsession...

However, if this little cutiepie had been for sale I'd have snatched him up. Trop mignon!

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