Monday, December 24, 2012


When it comes to candles I'm a bit of a purist.
Garish reds and greens are not for me, I prefer the neutral tones that will always harmonize with your scheme and will enhance the candle holder rather than clash with it. 

Perfumed candles on the other hand are a different matter entirely. Clarets and deep forest greens and burnt oranges when combined with woody scents can be very comforting and bring a festive even pampering feel.

If the chores are done and you have a little time on your hands today, knock up some simple table decorations. Rope the kids in to find scraps of fabric and ribbon and using an ordinary jam jar you can create a pretty candle holder in minutes. I like to use some foliage - wood herbs like bay and rosemary work well but for a more traditional look use holly or ivy.
Pop in a stubby candle and voila! Simples.

Tealights can be used in small saucers and dessert dishes. I poked around our cupboards and found this cute little antique custard cup. Glass works particularly well so if you have old bottles or jars think about upcycling them. 

A very Merry Christmas to all of you 

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