Thursday, May 24, 2012

Plump, plump

This month I have been busy making cushions, something that I have wanted to do for ages but never seemed to have the time. Partly due to my ever growing pile of antique and vintage fabric which practically needs a room of its own, I decided it was high to time to get on with them.
The sewing machine has been going like the clappers and here are some of the results...

I only use vintage and antique fabrics and try if possible to combine them with trimmings from the same era - buttons for example,  so that the end product is pretty much totally upcycled and unique.
Textiles from a bygone age have a quality and look that just can't be reproduced today and if handled carefully and looked after will give years of use and are a far cry from a department store mass produced cushion.
So , there we are. I'll let good old Bernina cool down for a bit before I design some more.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fields of gold

Apparently rapeseed oil or 'colza' as it is known in France is set to overtake olive oil as the oil of choice for top chefs. Nigella and James Martin are amongst its devotees and the health benefits are unfolding daily. One of the reasons it is becoming a favourite is that it has a subtle taste that does not overwhelm certain recipes - mayonnaise is a perfect example. Not bad for an oil that was originally produced to lubricate steam engines!

Here, in May and June the fields are crammed with tiny gold flowers which are so bright they almost hurt your eyes. The contrast with the blue sky and green wheat fields is breathtaking and the heady scent is a sign that the long hot days of Summer are nearly here.

Every garden needs a trug

                                          Pinned Image

Simple, rustic wooden trugs are part of country living and useful for carrying around tools, pots and holding cut flowers. No gardener should be without one. I have 4 now  - in various sizes and shapes. One is even stamped with the previous owners initials.