Friday, February 21, 2014

All that Jaz

The Jaz brand was born in the 1920's by a small group of engineers who realised there was a very lucrative market for alarm clocks. Getting the workforce up and out to work on time was not easy without them. The solution was to produce a quality, mass produced product that was still pleasing to the eye.

Why Jaz? Nobody really knows but possibly a cool name reflecting the musical influences sweeping the continent at the time.

These days, the clocks are highly collectible. I have several on Chateau Chic in perfect working condition with an alarm to wake the soundest sleeper. It's worth knowing a little more about the cockerel emblem on the face in order to date them more accurately. The emblem did not exist prior to 1942 and from 1942 -1967 the tail is pointing down. On later editions, 1967 and onwards, the tail is pointing up.

Classic alarm clock 1940's

1920's chrome clock

1940's Cream Bakelite Art Deco

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